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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thank You Mr. Khalid

thanks mr khalid for your kind and noble thoughts.. me as a citizen of maresia appreciate it very very much.. the idea of reducing racial polarity and forging a "maresia society" was applauded in my heart...

however not many ppl are as noble as you.. not many are as open minded as you.. not many are ready and put down their guards...

we should be fine... no prob.. we can go other place to study... not necessarily to a place which already designated as "for-earth-prince" only..

thanks again..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

when a mamak stall bragger vs. the educated professional....

maresia just had an unprecedented debate similar to US presidential debate.. debating an social issue and an claim of mr educated professional will bring down the fuel prices by 50 maresia cents..

the stars = mr strawberry cheek (the mamak stall bragger), mr A the educated professional and mr i-am-UUM-VC....

my thought of the debate:

1. mr strawberrry is the information-less Information Minister

2. Prime Minister of Maresia should allow mr strawberry should quit the Ministry and move to Mamak-Stall-Bragging Ministry

3. Mr. i-am-UUM-VC should had kept his mouth shut on matters he doesnt really understood.. it will not makes him any smarter by saying out things that was irrelevant and making himself look stupid.

4. mr strawberry was not prepared with statistics and concrete and assuring informations

5. mr strawberry did not defend the policy of government in a proper way.. very much in denial manner..

6. mr strawberry not gentlemen.. only knows how to make personal attacks.. so is mr i-am-UUM-VC

7. mr strawberry disappoints the people of maresia by not coming out with facts and info which will actually assures the people that the "measures that taken by the government is correct and will benefit the ppl in long run" ..mainly making unfair comparison..

8. mr strawberry doesnt explain the reasoning of the removal of subsidise on fuel and the strategy of safety net for the people and strategy to move forward

9. mr A was more prepared, more confident, more facts.. and more convincing..

10. maresia government should review its management and administrative also some national policies for improvement and reduce the impact of fuel price hike and inflation..

Monday, July 07, 2008

I'd decided to make a return....

yes... after a year and 4 months.. i had decided to return to blog.. it is not my very first intention.. due to my disappointment of the government of my country and its political scene.. i cant help but to voice up my dissatisfaction.. from today onwards... i'll be commenting on these and others which will happen in my life to decorate my blog...

for now.. i got one 2 things to say to the world.....

"i'm malaysian... i dont play from behind"

"i'm malaysian.. i dont blow up chick"

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh My.. What a Week..!!!

hehehe,. i had a wonderful 10 days ending yesterday...

it had been a while for me to travel to some destination for holidays...well on the March 4th,
me with accompaniment of my gf and some of her friends.. i took a tour to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah..

many first for me in this holiday.. it is the first time that i set my foot on Sabah.. my first time of taking flight..
my first time viewing the highest mountain in S.E.A.. you got it.. Mount Kinabalu..

the entire visit was pretty cool.. for i experience a lil something new here n there.. too bad i had to squeeze my entire
trip into 3 n half days.. too rush n some hiccups at my lodging.. else it would had been a great visit..

right after we landed.. we were brought to this restaurant for a 10 dishes lunch.. my gosh.. we were served with tasty n fresh seafood.. then we were brought to visit Kota Kinabalu town, the Yayasan Sabah Tower, the floating mosque of the city and a spot where we got a great view half of KK..

on the second day we gone to the foot hill of Mount Kinabalu to get a glimpse of that magnificent sculpture of GOD; (along the way.. oh my the view of the mountain range n mini houses perching on it were just breath taking... if only i got my own place there..hhahahhaha) ... followed by a short jungle treking trip where we crossed some 30 plus meter high suspension bridge.. so cool.. but disappointed that all the birds n insects wasnt anywhere near us.. probably they gone to bed early.. we then proceed to Poring Hot Spring for a dip and weirdly by the Hot Spring there;s this pool supposedly filled with ground water.. yea.. it is damn chilly.. so i had a bit of hot and cold treat for that matter.. we were then sent to this chalet within the mountain range.. nice view nice place n comfortable...

the next morning we got shuttled to this location next to a mountain resort where we are able to catch the full view of mount Kinabalu.. just breath taking.. spend most of our time there posing to get the best pics with Mr. Mount Kinabalu.. then off we rushed to Sapi and Manukan Island of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.. the islands were just beautiful n by their coast where coral reefs n fishes for us to snorkel n scuba-dive.. hehehe.. we of course just settled for the snorkling.. however it wasnt as pretty as i was expecting it to be.. well probably i was at shallow water.. who knows in deeper water the corals n fishes were more amazing? hehehe.. no complaints here.. we had a wonderful buffet BBQ lunch in Manukan.. the only island of the marine park where u can find lodging.. well food was delicious n fresh.. n for the fact that the food was served by the beach n we are sitting at nicely set table with beautiful sea, beach n breeze... the whole experience was just more than pleasing..

and last but not least after the meal.. we got back to mainland n off we go to Klias River for flora n fauna river tour... hehehe managed to spot some Proboscis Monkey and Silver Leaf Monkey as well.. as we were there in the evening.. many animals had gone back to their home.. so pretty lucky that we still managed to see those monkeys.. n some storks.. well kinda disappointed in the first place.. but soon our face was filled with big smile.. just at the right time.. our river ride was backgrounded with beautiful sunset.. with all the correct lighting n settings.. we were snapping away... catching the sunset of Klias... dinner was taken at the only lodge there.. beautifully built with wood and logs.. before we left Klias.. we took our last boat ride to catch glimpse of fireflies..

in the last day.. we got nothing better to do but shopping at the Phillipino market where souveniers, dried seafood, groceries were sold.. shopped n that was the last activities of our KK trip..

now u'll be wondering.. where's the 10 days.. hehehee.,. well a day after i touched down Kuala Lumpur i was assigned to head to Kenyir Hydro electric power plant in Terengganu for some machine vibration assessment n troubleshooting together with my full team.. for the very first time i visited a Hydro electric power plant n of course.. Kenyir Dam n part of the lake..

although the we worked long hours.. yea.. really long hours.. spent 25 hours in 2 days in the plant.. of course not continuously.. n the drive from KL to Kuala Terengganu where we spent our nights took us like 7 hours.. in total.. 2 days of traveling n 2 days of work.. not much of leisure activities were carried out except in the last day we had a few stops along our ways to see some nice beaches of Terengganu...

go to http://garyykwong.fotopic.net later for i'll be posting pics from my trip.. i'm sorry that i cant reveal pics that i took inside the Power Plant.. but some shots of the DAm n Power plant was captured n will be posted..

SO COOOL...!!!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

What an eventful 2 days...!!!

hehehe.. as the title suggested.. it had been some real eventful 2 days for me for the passed 2 days..

after a day of work on the 31st Jan, i got home for a rest before joining Jellyikan, ahboy and cpmah of WAC for a simple dinner.. after the dinner i joined Julian to Bt Caves.. yea..

oh yea.. to intro if u r reaading this from somewhere not of my malaysian culture.. Feb 1st was Thaipusam..a religious festive event that was celebrated by our Hindu-Indian friends in Malaysia..it is a big thing here in KLang Valley where thousands of Hindus will gather in Bt Caves for this religious event...well if u r not in Klang Valley.. our Hindu friends will worship as well at their respective community Hindu Temple.. err.. i'm so sorry i cant describe more on why n what Thaipusam is for.. well basically it is a time to worship the Hindu's deities and to ask for forgiveness of sins..

ok.. there i was will Julian at bout 12 10 am on the 1st.. we had a great time pushing each other among thousands of ppl.. yea.. super huge crowd... even the police n anti-riot personnel plus security guards were hired to subdue the crowd... well nothing bad happened anyway.. but their presence did make the enire event a smooth one...

me and julian armed with camera shooting away... taking as many interesting pictures as we could.. ok ok.. me only with a canon A510 compact.. but heck.. was a great experience both in photography n life.. hehehe..

we made up to Bt. CAves.. yea.. climbing the 272 steps up.. got in.. and snap more pics... after met up with Jega.. we decided to call it a day as it was already 4 plus in the morning.. and the ppl still kept coming in n the crowd still the same... (pics will be posted in my online gallery http://garyykwong.fotopic.net )

got home at 5 00 am.. n slept n woke at 10 am.. coz need to pick up dad for his orthoptist appointment.. then sent him off at bout 2 00 pm later...

after that my butt got itchy.. called up Jelly to find out where he was.. n ended up both of us shooting away in Pudu.. was a pleasant outing... n to our surprise... heheheh...


ok ok.. called us Jakun if u want... we really had no idea where it is..until yesterday. hahahaha.. oh yea.. below is the prove that we found it.. hahahha...

hmm.. got wrapped up n had dinner at XO Lo mien place... then got home at 8 plus.. after a nice bath.. n a short stump unto the bed.. i fell asleep straight n only to wake up this morning at 8 am..

massive good 2 days..

Thursday, January 18, 2007

SHOTs.. !!!

Johor Centenial Flood Part 2: KUiTTHO

yesterday i attended a meeting at KUiTTHO.. after woke up at 6 in the morning n a 3 n 1/2 hours drive.. to my shocking surprise the campus of Kolej-Universiti Teknologi Hussein Onn at Parit RAja, BAtu Pahat was flooded with water..

my first reaction was.. FUCK..!!! i made a wasted trip.. after much phone calls the meeting was confirmed still on and was held at one of the meeting rooms in the new Phase where it was not flooded.. after some internal road i managed to find my way into the campus n attend the meeting dry..

the reason of why the day was sunny n warm the water still isnt receeding yet maintaining n climbing its level was.. a. just after a flood, b. previously the rain was in huge amount and c. Sembrong dam was releasing its guts..

Sembrong dam was recording additional 0.8 meter high.. in order to put the dam back to safety zone.. the dam was forced to open releasing its water out... thus leaving the Parit Raja n parts of BAtu Pahat continue to flood..

and KUiTTHO is one of the casualty..

the site office where the meeting supposed to be help was island-ed by the water.. the lake behind the building was overflowing with water thus surround the lower land area around the office.. thus creating "Site Office Island" an island that non of the contractor n me would love to visit... only Pajero, 4x4 and canoe.. yes.. canoe can access the office..

the water level got higher through the day.. probably due to the dam reducing water level.. but it was drastic like it floods the whole area... just bout another 1" or 2 increase in height.. which honestly doesnt make much difference in such situation.

so KUiTTHO was closed yesterday n today.. allowing staffs n students to go home as it wasnt possible for the teaching n administration works to go on...

hope that situation in KUiTTHO will get better soon..
attached are some pics i took..

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Johor Centenial Flood - Round 2: Kluang Chapter

after the major flood that JOhor endured in last december of 2006.. JOhor got hit with a second wave of major flood..

practically most major town of Johor got hit badly this time.. as for me i was at my hometown this time around.. to see how mother nature take on the Johorians in second round onslaught..

well the flood started in Kluang on Fri night Jan 12, 2007.. at bout 8 plus in the evening.. water started to fill up part of Kluang's low land.. part of roads were not accessible by road traffic.. heavy drizzles scattered every where..

things started to get out of hand towards mid night.. Mengkibol River started to spew its guts out many major roads in the town were flooded with water of bout a feet high..

at lower land area like the Kampung Melayu was badly hit.. water climbed all the way to bout 5 to 6 feet.. thus flood water rushed into houses leaving the kampung residence no time to get and save much of their belongings.. some areas in the Yap Tau Sah.. where mostly populated by the chinese are also affected by the flood water..

Vegetables farm which situated in Yap Tau Sah was flooded totally..

by mid day of Jan 13, the water already soaked part of the town area.. let say bout 3 to 5 major streets in town was flooded.. rest are residential areas at lower part of Kluang were still very much flooded.. i.e. Kampung Melayu, Yap Tau Sah, Kg. Paya n Kampung Palembang and so on..

bridge that connecting Kluang to Kahang n MErsing has collapsed due to the heavy current of Sg. Sembrong.. severing road connection to these areas.. it was also reported that road from

Kluang to Kota Tinggi was cut off as well.. leaving only road Kluang to Ayer Hitam (west) and Layang-layang (south) was still accessible..

there were thousands of evacuees n victims of the flood seeking refugee in temporary relief centres.. and many selfless charity organisation acted swiftly helping n providing neccessities to these flood victim.. good job..

at this moment in time i was told that kluang has got back to its normal operations except some victims can only go home after their home's situation got better.. all else the flood is considered over in Kluang..

*pictures are taken at various part in Kluang town.. at bout 5 to 6 pm on Jan, 13 ..